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Is your diet making you sick?

Wednesday, 7 September 2022, 12.30pm – 1pm.

Chi Tree Health, 168 Robinson Road, Capital Tower, Level 9.

Meet the speakers:

Amirah Rahmat

Amirah has successfully helped individuals achieve their health and wellness goals by utilising behaviour change tools and strategies.


Amirah has a Bachelor's in food and human nutrition from Newcastle University in The United Kingdom. She is a qualified nutritionist recognised by the Singapore Nutrition and Dietetic Association (SNDA), and holds certificates in culinary health coaching and wellness counselling.  Before joining Chi Tree Health, Amirah was the first Singapore-based health coach for Fitbit at Google.

Nutritionist  & Health Coach

Justin Hammond

Justin’s culinary career has taken him around the world—from Japan to Vancouver, and now Singapore. As culinary director of Bamboo Bowls, Justin develops creative, healthy Asian bowls that are always full of surprises.

Justin was trained under renowned Melbourne chef Teague Ezard @ Ezard & Gingerboy and worked in kitchens in Japan for two years before moving to Vancouver for a year to work at ramen bar #1 noodle house under restaurateur Mark Brand & Alex Usow. He also spent time as an Executive Chef at Neon Pigeon Singapore before taking on his current role at bamboo bowls.

Culinary Director, bamboo bowls

What to expect:

Please arrive 5—10 minutes early to pick up your lunch, and tuck in. We’re aiming to start talks promptly at 12.30pm so that everyone can get back to work on time.


Buy a bowl, and enjoy a free bowl on your next in-store order. This week, lunch is carefully designed by bamboo bowls - born from a desire to make healthy, chef-crafted food accessible to everyone. A collaboration with top chefs from around the world to create healthy bowls inspired by different Asian cities based on organic, whole-food and plant-based ingredients. Base bowls at $10, and with protein at $15.

For freshness and turnaround, Bamboo Bowls requires lunch orders to be submitted by 12pm, Tuesday 6th September.

What’s the talk about:

Caloric count? Keto vs Mediterranean vs Vegan? Confused about what we should eat and which diet is really better for us? Amirah - our Nutritionist & Health Coach will help you to cut through the confusion, and understand how to eat your way to better health. Justin Hammond, Culinary Director, will explain how natural sugars, spices, and foods rich in probiotics are carefully curated for delicious healthy eating, and made accessible without compromising the planet.

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