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Chi is the life force that flows through each of us – the essence of our vitality that unites the body, mind and spirit. We have chosen a tree to represent this life-force. As we age, our “tree of life” takes various turns and grows many branches.

Intuitively, we can all differentiate between a tree that is thriving and one that is not. We also understand the need for strong roots to underpin a healthy and resilient tree. The root strength of your personal Chi Tree is your lifestyle which should allow you to thrive and flourish.

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Your journey to better health

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Introduction to wearables

At Chi Tree we empower our clients to monitor their health with state-of-the-art personalised dashboards. By centralizing and organising medical records and diagnostic tests spanning multiple years, we can analyse data, identify trends and advise on interventions – underpinned with science and backed by evidence.

Combined with real time connections across a wide range wearables, apps and devices, and delivered in an easy to use, engaging and impactful coaching platform – Chi Tree keep you on the data driven journey towards Optimal Health.


*15 minutes is all your need to understand how we can jointly work on your unique body systems. And, whilst we’re at it, have a kombucha on us.

Let us navigate you to better health. Your journey to optimal health starts here.

Use the power of our medical insights and data-led programmes to help you live better for longer.

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