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Allergies, bloating, or generally feeling fatigued? What are our bodies telling us?

Wednesday, 21 September 2022, 12.30pm – 1pm.

Chi Tree Health, 168 Robinson Road, Capital Tower, Level 9.

Meet the speakers:

Alicia Davenport

Alicia is an advocate for changing our current healthcare model to one that is dedicated to prevention and improved management of complex, chronic disease. Her clinical approach identifies the cause of problems with respect to allergies, diet, micronutrient status, lifestyle and energetic changes; it has been highly successful at tackling the majority of chronic medical ailments. More on Alicia’s credentials

Naturopath & Nutritionist

Anne Swain

Anne is on a mission to support everyone to be the best version of themselves through whole food nutrition and lifestyle choices. After years in the corporate world, she decided to put her passion into action, re-trained as a Health Coach and worked with hundreds clients to make positive changes for true health. She co-founded The Whole Kitchen in 2015, to provide people with healthier gluten free and low sugar food that support health and are convenient for all to access.


Anne’s food philosophy: Fill your plate with as many colourful plants as possible, keep learning, be kind to yourself, and above all, listen to your body as it is our greatest teacher!

Co-Founder, The Whole Kitchen

What to expect:

Please arrive 5—10 minutes early to pick up your lunch, and tuck in. We’re aiming to start talks promptly at 12.30pm so that everyone can get back to work on time.


Your $10 lunch special this week is carefully designed by The Whole Kitchen, known for its genuine health, great taste, and natural goodness. Founded by Anne – a health coach, and Susan – a classically trained chef. Together, these entrepreneurs prove that healthy doesn’t have to mean tasteless, and tasty doesn’t have to mean unhealthy.


All participants will be rewarded with a 20% discount voucher gifted at the event, and redeemable at The Whole Kitchen cafes and online store.

For freshness and turnaround, The Whole Kitchen requires lunch orders to be submitted by 3pm, Monday 19th September.

What’s the talk about:

We’ll help you to connect the dots between your symptoms and underlying triggers. Feeling energetic and vibrant is easier than we think with healthy free-from foods jammed packed with nutrients and flavour being more accessible and affordable.

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