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Who we are / overview

Chi Tree Health is a team of industry experts drawn from across the region with a vision to be at the forefront of the preventative healthcare movement. 
Starting in Singapore, with plans to expand across the region, Chi Tree Health’s expertise examines the root causes of health conditions first before providing a route back to optimal health and vitality. 
Chi Tree Health provides a client-centric health platform which offers an easily accessible customer experience and endeavour to deliver innovative health tech solutions. We achieve this by being at the forefront of preventative health movement and clever tech integration.

What we do

Chi Tree Health offers a precise and personalised solution by addressing health issues at early onset and by combining the best testing tools, holistic treatment options, and advanced technology monitoring solutions.

Rather than focusing on a client’s symptoms, we focus on systems to identify and manage the root causes of bodily system imbalances.

Using a high touch health coaching model supported with technology-based platforms, our clients are able to access, understand, and navigate their guided health optimisation journey. This same platform synthesises biomarker tests, health coaches, and healthcare practitioners in a cost effective, convenient, and highly engaging manner.

Why we do it

The global pandemic has highlighted the necessity to stay healthy and Chi Tree Health delivers treatment, education, and navigation with the aim of having clients live better for longer. 


It has been shown that fitter, healthier societies have synergistic positive spillovers and that families, employers, insurers, and governments are able to enjoy a wide range of tangible and intangible benefits.

Who we are

You can’t have personalisation without a person. We have real people making a real difference.

We are a multidisciplinary team of health experts drawn from across the region with a vision to be at the forefront of the preventative healthcare movement.
3 simple steps
  • Be inquisitive and be motivated to start on a journey towards better health

  • Fill out your questionnaire so we get to know you better

  • Submit your latest health screen results so we have the best possible insights

Chi Tree Health’s mission is to empower you to live better for longer by revolutionising your healthcare experience through an integrative and innovative journey.

What we do

Chi Tree Health connects our clients to world leading diagnostics, preventative healthcare professionals, personalised health programs and state of the art health tracking and coaching capabilities.

​Your health will be thoroughly examined before providing a route back to optimal health and vitality. Our health coaches will support you at every stage on your journey.

Let our team of practitioners and coaches empower you to take control of your health-span and life-span.

Why we do it
Who we are
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